The streamlined design and sturdiness of our autoclavable RPG cartridge grips now introduced as a disposable! The ergonomic medical grade rubber grip provides superior comfort while the tested locking system is compatible with all major cartridge brands. Each disposable RPG comes individually packaged and sterilized with its own drive bar and grommet. Now available in sample packs of 3.


    The last footswitch you'll ever need to buy, the Darklab Delta footswitch is virtually indestructible and engineered to sustain your entire tattooing career. Portable and lightweight, the Delta footswitch is ideal for both shop and travel, and the exchangeable RCA cord means you'll never be out a footswich due to faulty cables. Comes with a Lifetime Warranty.


    One machine, multiple options. The Spektra Direkt is the first machine of its kind with interchangeable stroke caps that switch between 3.2, 3.6, and 4mm size within the same machine body, making it ideal for dedicated task machines. The Direkt uses our patent pending HexDrive motor system and is completely maintenance free; ideal for artists looking for a straightforward rotary tattoo machine.