Alexandr Doronin


Alexandr Doronin

I’m Alexander Doronin, a tattoo artist from Karaganda City, Kazakhstan and I’ve won various prizes at tattoo conventions during the 4 years I’ve dedicated to tattooing. These events are invaluable in pushing me to continuously improve my art and grow as a professional.

Before I realized that realism was the style for me, I tried various techniques. I love creating, but with coverups, I get the satisfaction of helping people fix the mistakes of their youth.

Recently, I started to integrate some cartoon characters into my realistic design, mixing dark and aggressive themes with something funny and cute. This always garners a great response from my audience.

Throughout these years, I’ve used many different brands of equipment and nothing was good enough until I tried FK Irons machines. I’m glad to be a part of FK Irons family.


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Alexandr Doronin