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Spektra Xion with LightningBolt: For Hope vs Cancer

Spektra Xion with LightningBolt: For Hope vs Cancer


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The first pen style machine providing artists full control of parameters that unleash their creative vision.

The Grip

The Spektra Xion offers a polished and anodized grip, safe to be sterilized under steam, in an autoclave or sprayed with cold sanitation solutions.


This detachable module houses the motor, cam and RCA connection. Once removed, artists can replace stroke displacement by interchanging the provided Stroke Wheels.

Xion Body

The Body is the core of the machine where the reciprocating and give system are housed. This module should be sanitized by wiping it with cold sterilization solutions only.

Made by Artists to enhance their full potential.

The Versatile Machine

The Xion is a powerful modular machine designed to unleash the artist's creativity.