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      Joao Morais


      Portugal - Pirnha Tattoo Studios

      Instagram: instagram.com/moraistattoo


      I’m João Morais, I’m 22 years old and I was born in Tábua, a small town in Portugal. I had a traditional education and honesty and humility were the main values that my family transmitted to me.

      I started tattooing when I was 18, following my dream initially against my family, but now I’m sure they’re very proud of me. My first studio was in my hometown but a few months later I received a proposal to work in Switzerland, which gave me the opportunity to grow as an artist. Half a year later, I returned to Portugal and started working at Piranha Tattoo Studios, where I am today.

      My style is Black & Grey realism and I like to be very meticulous about the details. I’ve participated in some of the most important tattoo conventions in Europe such as Milano Tattoo Convention, Mondial du Tatouage Paris, Barcelona Tattoo Expo, London Tattoo Convention, Venezia Tattoo Convention, among many others. And I’ve been awarded in some of them.

      I’m very focused and I fight every day to achieve my goals and to be a better artist.

      Joao Morais

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