Bio: I’m 34 years old. I've been a tattooist for 6 years now. I used to work in advertising as an artistic director in paris before. But I was tired about this non-artistic work and about Paris too. So I came back to my native south. Bordeaux and the south of France. I felt body and soul into the tattoo world when I discovered that I could create from my passion: architecture and History. I used to work in Barcelona, Spain for one year and then i opened my shop in bordeaux two years ago. It’s called Baron Noir Tattoo. I always was a history nerd, since I was a child, my grandfather told me how to look up and really take a look at all the beauties we are surrounded by here in France. Not only the cathedrals (of course they are masterpieces for me), we have treasures everywhere. Balconies, iron hinge, stone sculptures, castles, etc. So I started to find what I felt legit to work with. Ornamentation, medieval aesthetics, and architecture. It's very satisfying to make something very straight on a body that its not. And when I work hard enough to make it fit, I love to see it moving.

Instagram: @lahhel 

Lahhel Lahhel
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