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Lainey Bee

 Lainey Bee is a busy bee with 101 ideas that are quickly transformed into activities. She is an entrepreneur and passionate artist. She specializes in realistic color tattoos, ‘based on nature with a painterly twist'. Lainey Bee adjusts the content of the tattoo to the personality and story of the client.


Flow; the optimal state of experience.


This applies to both herself and the customer. The right atmosphere can make the world stand still when she’s tattooing. Her development and abilities are limitless. Lainey Bee tattoos art which she stands by, with her love for detail, she can turn ideas into images. This flow is all about a good vibe no matter where she is. You can find Lainey Bee at her own studio located in the Netherlands ( but she also loves to travel and do a lot of international guest spots and conventions.


It took her a couple of years to find her passion. She worked as a child psychologist for several years and although she loved the work it didn’t fulfill her enough. When Lainey Bee got motivated by other local artists to start tattooing it all went super-fast!


She started tattooing in August 2014. Practice makes perfect, so she threw herself completely into the art of tattooing. Lainey Bee started out as a black and grey realism artist. After 2 years she did one color realism piece and she was sold! What’s more realistic than a colored piece?


Lainey Bee loves her work as a tattoo artist and hopes to make many people happy with beautiful tattoos on their body. She loves the profession, the art form, the custom work and everything that comes with it.

Lainey Bee
Lainey Bee Lainey Bee
Lainey BeeLainey BeeLainey BeeLainey BeeLainey BeeLainey Bee