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      2019 Wildwood Beach Blast

      New Jersey Info: Mike Siderio, promoter of the Wildwood Tattoo Beach Bash, always wanted to bring a tattoo convention to his hometown. After years in the tattoo industry and after working at many shows over the years, and with encouragement from good friend Tony Olivas, Mike decided that it might be time to pursue that dream.

       Mike attempted to bring tattooing to the city in 1984 and with much resistance at that time, was forced to wait until 1990 when he was able to get a tattoo studio passed in a neighboring town. Which happened to be the first and only legal tattoo studio in the whole county, (Cape May), since then many other studios opened on what Mike fought to become excepted in the county, So it seemed only right that Mike be the one to bring a TATTOO convention to Wildwood.

      Today the Wildwood Tattoo Beach Bash is a full blown tattoo convention and show in the Wildwoods Convention Center. The Wildwood Tattoo Beach Bash is bringing the tattooers to the crowd for a weekend full of incredible artistry and fun events - major national tattoo artists, live tattooing, contests, and so much more.

      As fate would have it prior to the 3rd show, several circumstances and events, allowed us to Welcome Tattooed Kingpin, Troy Timple to be part of this annual event. Anyone knowing Troy and his accomplishments and success, can surely understand what an asset he is to all that he is involved in. We are pleased to have him on board. Troy brings much to the Tattoo World. His involvement will add to the continued success of the Event.

      The Wildwood Tattoo Beach Bash is an annual event.
      Hours are Friday 12 pm-11 pm , Saturday 11 am till 11 pm, and Sunday 11 am till 8 pm

      ProTeam Artists: Javier Antunez & Ryan Gitt

      Show Dates: August 9-11. 2019. 

      Location: Wildwoods Convention Center
      Wildwood, NJ 08260

      City:  New Jersey, USA.

      Official Website: http://wildwoodtattoobeachbash.com/info.php