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      Brian Geckle


      Brian Geckle

      I have been tattooing for nearly 17 years. I started tattooing when I was 18 in central PA. after graduating high school. I was given an apprenticeship at our local biker tattoo shop. I was raised somewhat conservatively, so from a sheltered upbringing… to working at a biker tat shop was quite a transition. There was a lot of weed smoking going on at this place and pretty much anything else you’d expect to see in a biker shop. I tried not to get too wrapped up in that side of the business because I really liked to tattoo and I wanted to be really good at it. The first two or three years id spent my day’s tattooing and most nights getting stoned and drawing. It was a pretty small town and we were the only reputable shop around, so I stayed pretty busy tattooing, which kept me out of trouble for the most part.

      Some of the slower days we’d close the shop up early and go ride motorcycles or go out for dinner and drinks etc. it was always a real good time and despite my coworkers being ex mc club members… they were great humans and taught me a lot about life. After working at Moonlite Tattoo for nine years, I desired more from my career than the studio could offer, and I got a Lil stir crazy. Cliche enough as it may be, I had an epiphany moment after my first burning man experience and decided I was going to work privately from then on. So I packed up all my gear and moved to a larger city in PA. I built an in-home studio where I worked for six years. Working alone was great.

      I made my own schedule and got to focus on the projects I wanted to work on solely. Those were also some great years- I got to travel the world and tattoo all along the way. Then nearly two years ago, I decided it was time to head west… arriving in Denver, where I reside currently. I love Colorado and everything it has to offer. The main difference I’ve found between Denver and PA is the lifestyle. The east coast has some residual energy from the industrial revolution- ppl lock in a factory job and work their 40 years and love it. Whereas people out west work to fulfill their desired lifestyle. and that resonates with me much more. I love what I do… but it’s not the only thing I love doing. Denver has helped remind me of that.

      Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/briangeckleart/

      Brian Geckle

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