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    Donation Raffle for Bahamas Hurricane Relief

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      All Artists - JP Alfonso

      Georgia - JP Alfonso Studios

      Instagram: instagram.com/jp_alfonso


      Havana, Cuba at 12 years old. Having always been artistically inclined he knew then that he wanted to turn his love of art into a career. In Cuba tattooing is illegal and punishable by 25 years in prison. With that becoming a tattoo artist had it's challenges. He began searching for people to teach him the craft at age 16. But he knew that to truly have a successful career he needed to come to America. Jp arrived in the U.S. in 2006 without having any money or knowing any English and began tattooing professionally here in 2008. He had a tumultuous career in the beginning having experienced homelessness twice and being fired from many studios. He overcame all the odds and in just ten short years has become a multi award winning, internationally sponsored artist with a large following of local and international clientele. His black and grey work has been featured in magazines, multiple Internet channels and many popular tattoo social media accounts. Now he's living the American dream with his own studio.