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      Po "Popo" Zhang


      New York - World Famous Tattoo Studio

      English: Po “Popo” Zhang was born in China and was an exemplary student of the Tianjin Academy of the Fine Arts, where he studied painting techniques. Popo also dabbled in body painting and makeup, teaching them all. Although Zhang studied under painting masters, his pursuit of a tattooing career was the product of passion and intrigue – even without the tutelage of a skilled and experienced tattooist. He began tattooing at 17, performing traditional Asian-style tattooing first with a freehand needle. Five years later, he would abandon freehand needles for tattoo machines. It would be seven more years before Popo would meet Lou Rubino Jr, who convinced him to bring his talents to the United States. Popo became a full-time artist at Tattoo Lou’s in 2011 and quickly developed a devout following of fans willing to wait months to get tattooed by a master of photo-realistic and Asian traditional tattoo art. His work has earned him sponsorships from World Famous Tattoo Ink and Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink as well as multiple accolades.

      Chinese: 張寶波出生於中國,是天津美術學院的典範學生,在那裡他學習繪畫技巧。 波波還涉獵人體彩繪和化妝,將它們全都教了上。儘管張學成是在繪畫大師的領導下學習的,但他追求紋身事業卻是激情和陰謀的產物-即使沒有熟練和經驗豐富的紋身師的指導。他從17歲開始紋身,首先用徒手針進行傳統的亞洲風格紋身。五年後,他放棄了紋身機的徒手畫針。再過七年,波波會見小盧·魯比諾(盧·魯比諾),後者說服他將自己的才能帶到美國。 波波於2011年成為紋身樓的專職藝術家,並迅速培養了一群虔誠的粉絲,他們願意等待幾個月的時間才能被照片級逼真的亞洲傳統紋身藝術大師紋身。他的作品贏得了世界著名紋身墨水和黑澄紋身墨水的讚助,並獲得了多項榮譽。

      Insta: instagram.com/popotattoo

      Facebook: facebook.com/popotattoo

      Po "Popo" Zhang

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