How to Find Your FK Irons Machine Serial Numbers

Your FK Irons machine has two serial numbers – one for the battery and one for the body/motor. These numbers validate that you have an authentic FK Irons machine, saved in our system for any potential servicing or support.


Your Battery & Body/Motor have a serial number attached to it. Both of these numbers should be listed on the inside flap of the box that your FK Irons machine came in.

  •  How to Find the Serial Number on Your FK Irons Wireless Battery


When the PowerBolt battery is detached from the machine, the serial number is located near the bottom of the battery, generally on the opposite side of the keypad/buttons.

  • How to Find Serial Number on Your FK Irons Body/Motor


The Body/Motor is the central piece of the machine, which can be accessed by removing the battery and unscrewing the grip. The serial number is located in the middle of the body, between the two O-rings.


*If the serial number begins with a letter, it needs to be included whenever providing your serial number & registering your machine. *