Hailing from the Rust Belt of America near Syracuse New York, Thom Bulman has been entrenched in pop culture for as long as he can remember.

Heavily influenced by Saturday morning Cartoons and the like, this affinity for cartoony art carried over into his adult life when he began drawing caricatures for friends and of famous faces in his high school years.

Never relenting and always attempting to improve, Thom has spent 14 plus years slowly perfecting his art which he has dubbed “Tattoons”. Since coining this term, Thom has helped countless other artists learn the fun and fascinating art of caricature tattoos and commissions, making most of his techniques public in order to help teach, instead of gatekeep.

Thom’s appearance on Season 9 of Ink Master helped catapult his style of art into the public eye, where he has amassed a following of well over 100,000 across social media platforms, with his website and online shop receiving thousands of hits per month.

Thom prides himself on quality, timeliness and transparency in his work. Something that he felt was taking a back seat in the tattoo world for quite some time. He’s known as the “too-nice guy” in his circles because he is always looking out for his friends and fellow artists.

Thom owner of Alchemist Art Studios .

Thom Bulman
Thom Bulman Thom Bulman
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