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LightningBolt Battery Pack

LightningBolt Battery Pack


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It’s time to cut the cord. Welcome to the Wireless Revolution!

With the LightningBolt your favorite tattoo machine just became wireless. That’s right! Your favorite tattoo machine just got a lot better. The LightningBolt is not only a tattoo battery pack, but a Bluetooth enabled power controller that is truly the future of tattooing. We know the feeling of our arm hurting mid-tattoo, having to stretch, only to lose focus and not concentrate on our craft.

The LightningBolt battery pack is here to make your life easier. Small but powerful, the LightningBolt is sure to make your art better. With a lightweight design, friendly user-interface and an ergonomic design, the LightingBolt was made with the artist in mind. The LightningBolt tattoo battery pack was made to help captivate your art effortlessly.

  • Immerse yourself in art with a wireless tattoo battery pack that turns your tattoo machine wireless
  • Connect to Bluetooth and pair with the DarkLab mobile app to enable a host of features and receive firmware updates. Features include changing voltage through voice
  • Ideal for FK Irons rotary and coil tattoo machines**
  • An average of 5-6 hours of battery life, dependent on functional preferences*.
    *needle resistance, machine speed (voltage/hertz), and stroke.
  • Charge your battery pack in any USB-C port, including your car, airport, or from your laptop. Perfect for the traveling tattoo artist or when you attend a tradeshow
  • Software and hardware work seamlessly together to provide you the best experience
  • Operates from 5 volts to a maximum of 12 volts
  • Only 3 buttons that allow you to check the battery, enable Bluetooth, increase and decrease the voltage, check battery life and turn off/on
  • LED color indicator lights allow you to monitor your voltage and battery life
  • Good things come in small, powerful packages, LightningBolt weights only 58g (2 oz)

**not compatible with the EXO

Due to cross contamination issues, and that all Darklab and FK Irons devices are custom built to order, and as such we do not accept returns. All device sales are final. We do, however, have a guarantee for all of our battery packs.


The LightningBolt Battery Pack Manual contains all the technical specifications and features of the machine.

Download the LightningBolt Battery Pack User Manual (PDF)

UPDATED Firmware LED Controls (PDF)


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Not just a battery, but a full functioning bluetooth enabled power controller. Cut the cord!

Lightning Bolt Lightning Bolt

State of the Art

Dynamic power path management USB-C Li-Ion Battery provides high energy density to provide high reliability and stability. Device firmware update functionality.

Lightning Bolt Lightning Bolt

The Control Strip

Intutitive and simple to use the Lightning Bolt featuring 5 - 12 volt output with half volt intervals. Fast charging USB-C up to 1.5 A.

Ergonomic Design

Extremely compact and easy to carry at just 2oz. The Lightning Bolt is comfortable to use featuring an obstruction free range of motion.


Optimized for the Spektra Rotary line, compatible with machines featuring round motor housing. The Lightning Bolt is compatible with FK Irons and Darklab products via Bluetooth.

Lightning Bolt
Lightning Bolt
Lightning Bolt