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What Is eGive for Tattooing? | Glitterpoops Explains

If you're not sure what eGive is on your FK Irons tattoo machine, look no further. FK Pro Team artist Lola (aka Glitterpoops) explains what eGive is, how it can be helpful for tattoo techniques and styles, and how she uses it during her tattoo sessions.


The PowerBolt II wireless battery from FK Irons, first seen on the Flux Max, features improved eGive functionality. You can leave it off or select from 3 levels of give.


1 = Low Give/More Needle Penetration.

2 = Medium Give/Medium Needle Penetration.

3 = High Give/Softer Needle Penetration.


Shop the PowerBolt II:

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Lola/Glitterpoops specializes in anime and fine-line tattoos. To see her incredible work, follow her on IG here:

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