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blog - What does Veterans Day mean to you?

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What does Veterans Day mean to you?

Happy Veterans Day to every Veteran who has served this amazing country. Today is a day to recognize the amazing people who protected our country, and here at FK Irons, we believe it’s important to reflect on what this day means to you.

So we asked the founder of Operation Tattooing Freedom (OTF), a non-profit organization whose mission is to help our nation’s heroes: 

What does Veterans Day Mean to you?

“To me personally Veterans Day is all about the celebration of sacrifice,” said Lewis Hunt, the founder of OTF, “and of those willing to run toward danger to protect those behind them and those that can’t protect themselves. It’s a reminder that there are people in this country who believe that the greater good of safety, security, and liberty for Americans and citizens of the world is worth any sacrifice they have to make.”

FK Irons has happily helped OTF by providing machines and equipment needed to tattoo these national heroes. OTF is again raising money to help artists perform sessions on Vets and they need the resources and supplies to host more events and reach more veterans. 

To contribute to this incredible cause click here

OTF’s goal is to match U.S. Military Veterans suffering from different conditions with local artists to help cope with their issues. Providing tattoo sessions to treat veterans who may be suffering from PTSD, Anxiety and Depression. 

Not only can you help a worthy cause during this Patriotic Holiday, but you can also pick up FK Irons’ New Special Edition Flux Shadow Camo with a 4mm stroke. 

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What does Veterans Day mean to you?