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blog - World Famous’ New EU Formulation Pigments

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World Famous’ New EU Formulation Pigments

What’s happening?
The EU is implementing new regulations in 2022, known as Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of Chemicals (REACH). With this new policy, there are over 1,300 banned substances and ingredients, many of those ingredients are found in tattoo inks.

World Famous’ Solution
As a global ink manufacturer, World Famous supports our artists in every region and set out to ensure our European artists have continued access to approved inks. We’re proud to introduce LIMITLESS, a full color array of REACH compliant pigments. Currently it’s only available to artists in the EU, with a global rollout later in the year.

All products produced by World Famous go through rigorous testing to ensure safety. Each ink set also includes a performance test and a review of critical details, such as the presence of micro and heavy metals.

The Challenges Faced
The founder of World Famous, Lou Rubino, had multiple obstacles to face when developing LIMITLESS, but as a second-generation artist, he knew he had to do whatever it takes to preserve the art of tattooing in Europe.

“I traveled and spent tons of time in the EU over the last 10 years,” said Rubino. “Many of the artists are like family to me, especially our Pro-team and sponsored artists. I wanted to support them- this gave me the passion and drive to succeed.”

Some of the challenges faced when developing LIMITLESS - especially during COVID - was sourcing all the ingredients and finding new labs to perform in-depth testing.

“We had to pay labs to create and validate new more sensitive testing methods, all on a time crunch during COVID,” he said. “People were out sick around the globe.”

Developing packaging for the EU compliant ink set was also no walk in the park. Production of labels, hand tags, boxes and more were all backordered, and all this piled on with a time crunch the World Famous team was worried they wouldn’t make.

“We are all living in this world of ongoing supply chain devastation,” said Rubino. “Yet, We got through it all and still made it happen, and LIMITLESS is now available on all our EU distribution sites.”

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World Famous’ New EU Formulation Pigments