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We stand with our FK Irons family during this unprecedented situation. Many of us are anxious because of what’s going on around us; from shops closing, taking care of the kids and the uncertainty that comes from not knowing when life will return to normal.

FK Irons' part in "standing together" is to engage with you: tattoo artists, our Pro Team, clients and the tattoo community at large.


  1. Visit a virtual art museum
    As artists, we are drawn to beauty and emotional or intellectual stimulation. Inspiration might come from different sources, our styles might be different, but we are all inspired by art. No matter the art form. From New York, Paris, Florence and Mexico, the museum comes to you. This can be a family activity! Some participating institutions are:

  2. Set aside time for sketching and drawing
    Ever wanted to tattoo in a new style? Get those pencils ready and start sketching! Look for courses and styles you like. Set some time every day to just draw and sketch. It can be as little as 20 minutes. Remember to post these on social media and share with your loved ones. You can even host a virtual competition with your loved ones and fellow tattoo friends.

  3. Stay social 
    Reach out to your local tattoo artists for support through video calls and messaging. During social distancing, many of us feel lonely at times. One way to still be social is to keep in touch with friends.

  4. Donate your artwork
    Some nursing homes, schools and hospitals are looking for artists to submit their works to help the most vulnerable.

  5. Enter the World Famous Ink Tattoo GIVEAWAY
    Post a colored page from the 2020 Tattoo Art Activity Book and tag Ultimate Tattoo Supply and WorldFamousInk. Enter Here. You could win 6 Tidwell Mack Paintbrush and a signed copy of The Art of Jeral Tidwell