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Yes, it does. Just ask any tattoo artist about their machine grip. The function of the grip is to be able to secure the machine and enable accurate and comfortable movement when tattooing. Grips are usually of a universal size and meant to make the tattoo artist’s work much easier, but most end up having to wrap their slick Xion, or other machine's grip, with cloth material to make it bulkier and easier to hold for intricate illustrations that take a long time. A fat grip helps avoid the discomfort and hand fatigue from clamping around the grip for extended periods of time. This extra pressure on the joints and tendons of the hand may lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. As always – FK Irons is ahead of the game. Brace yourself for the bestial Gorilla grip – 1.5" in diameter.

While there are other big grips in the market, FK Iron’s Gorilla grip is the only one ergonomically designed to fit effortlessly inside the natural hollow of the hand when curved. There’s no need to tighten around it and as a matter of fact, the grip itself fits into the hand, with the grooves allowing the index finger to rest perfectly on it without pressure. This, is ideal comfort for lining and color packing, especially when working on those detailed Realism tattoos like the awesome rendering by FK Iron’s ProTeam artist Evan Olin that took every award of the Massachusetts Tattoo Convention.

Tattoo artists deserve the best tools for their art, and this doesn’t just stop with a state-of-the-art FK Iron’s machine – it includes power supply, footswitch, grips, tubes, and needles. If you can use a fat grip, FK Irons is all about making the technical aspect of tattooing as easy as it can get – so do away with all the mummy wrap – the Gorilla grip is here for you.