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blog - How Do I Get My FK Irons Machine? FAQ's From Premier Products, GERMANY

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How Do I Get My FK Irons Machine? FAQ's From Premier Products, GERMANY

One of the top questions we receive at FK Irons from tattoo artists and tattoo shops abroad is "How do I get my machine?" But the questions don't end there.

The staff at Premier Products has taken a moment to answer some of the most frequent questions that our customers ask about ordering FK Irons products. We talk about everything from warranties, shipping, delivery times and ensuring that our products are in stock.


Top FAQ's on Buying FK Irons Tattoo Devices Abroad


Q: What's the average shipping timing?

A: The average delivery always depends on the recipient country.

Average shipping within Europe
The average delivery time within Europe is 1-3 working days. Within Germany the customer can choose between UPS and DHL.

International shipments
We use UPS for international shipments. Please check with UPS.

Expedited shipping
For urgent orders we also offer express delivery.


Q: Do you ship to other countries in the region?

A: Premier Products delivers internationally to customers all over the world. Our shipping costs are particularly attractive for international customers, as we calculate shipping costs according to purchase value and not weight. 

Check Premier Products' shipping costs here.


Q: How can I be sure the product I want is in stock?

A: In our online shop you will find the stock information just below the price. As one of the main distributors for FK Irons in Europe, we are always well-stocked. 


Check out some of FK Iron's top products for sale at Premier Products.


Hover Power Supply

Hover TOUCHLESS power supply: control your tattoo machine voltage with hand gestures, hassle-free and reduce cross-contamination


Spektra Xion Gorilla Grip Tattoo Pen

FK Irons Spektra Xion with a large, "Gorilla" grip, available at our distributor in Germany, Premier Products



Wireless Flux tattoo machine

The revolutionary wireless tattoo machine, the Spektra Flux™ available from official distributors, Premier Products



How Do I Get My FK Irons Machine? FAQ


Q: What if there is a manufacture defect?

A: Repair management at Premier Products is straightforward and customer-oriented. We take over the complete repair management with FK Irons.

Call us
We recommend that customers simply call us if they have problems with machines (our phone number is listed openly on our website). In some cases, our service team can solve minor defects or operating errors by telephone. 

If this is not possible, the customer can send us the defective machine. To facilitate the repair process it is helpful if the customer encloses a small description of the fault and his customer number. Often our experienced team can repair the machine in house. If this is not possible, we send the machine to FK Irons in America for repair. The manufacturer warranty is one year. If the machine is more than a year old, we will coordinate the repair costs with our customer. 


Q: How do I send my tattoo machine in for repairs?

A: When sending in a defective machine, customers are free to choose the shipping company. Of course, customers can also hand in their defective machines personally at our headquarters or in our store in Berlin.

Premier Products Tattoo Supply Shop in Germany, featuring FK Irons top latest products 

At FK Irons we back our distributors with marketing materials, features and good communication.   

How Do I Get My FK Irons Machine? FAQ's From Premier Products, GERMANY