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blog - How Can I Get My FK Irons Machine in Canada?

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How Can I Get My FK Irons Machine in Canada?

Importing anything is, at best, a tricky bureaucratic endeavor around the world. Even with kind border agents, some would also describe importing anything into Canada as bureaucratic and a little pricey. If you're not Canadian, importing commercial, professional equipment can be problematic and you could even be denied entry. Canadians can face hefty importing taxes.

Non-Canadians bringing in gifts to a Canadian above 60 Canadian dollars are supposed to declare the gift, according to the official Declaration card. This means any commercial tools above $60 will likely be taxed. 

If you are Canadian and have been out of the country for 24 hours, you are exempt from claiming goods up to $200. If you've been gone for over 48 hours, you are exempt for up to $800 and 7 days, $800, as well, but with a few more concessions for the longer absence.

One tattoo artist bought their machine in the US side and brought it across the border and had to pay $138 (roughly 180 Canadian dollars). Include the transportation, time away from work and lodging and it just doesn't work out, financially.

In the end, buying your FK Irons machines and devices directly from one of our official distributors in Canada is simply the most hassle-free, sure-fire way to go.

They have machines and devices in stock, in-house and ready to send.

Introducing: Canada Tattoo Supply
FAQ's directly from Canada Tattoo Supply about buying, shipping and getting your FK Irons machines and devices to Canada:

1. How can I be sure the product I want is in stock?

On the top left hear the photo of each image on it's product stage it will state either "in stock" or "out of stock."

Also, with the exception of clearly expressed "Pre-Orders," we ensure everything available on our website is readily available on site and ready to be shipped out.

On the Canada Tattoo Supply website, click on the Darklab logo as well as the FK Irons logo for all of FK Irons newest and most popular products. We have in stock everything from:
- grips
- disposable foam grips
- footswitches
- the Xion stoke wheels and click ratchet
- FK Irons crossover tattoo machines  
How Can I Get My FK Irons Machine in Canada?
Hover touchless power supply
Control your volume with hand gestures or connect with the Darklab app coming soon!
FK Irons' newest machine, the wireless Spektra Flux is currently available at Canada Tattoo Supply in Stealth (all black)
Spektra Flux™ wireless tattoo machine in Stealth

Look out for the extremely popular LightningBolt wireless battery pack, which plugs into a machine's RCA jack, and makes your machine wireless!

2. What's the average shipping time?

Same-day shipping before 3pm!*

If the item is in stock ALL orders received prior to 3pm will ship out the same day (weekends and holidays excluded).

*Please remember we are in the midst of a global pandemic and shipping times may vary. We can process your order the same day, but we do not control the postal service or shipping companies.

3. What's the average shipping time within Canada?

The average delivery time within Canada is 1-3 working days. It also depends on the service level selected.

USA and International shipments
We use UPS for international shipments. Please check with us and we will get you a quote.

Expedited shipping
For urgent orders we also offer express delivery.


4. What if there is a manufacturer defect?

On the occasion that there is a defective product, just contact us at 1 (613) 834-1113. We are readily available to assist either via phone, email or Instagram and Facebook.

Sometimes, it's not an actual defect. It could just be an operating error and we will gladly guide you through it.

If not, we will advise you to send us the defective item and we will contact FK Irons on your behalf to repair or replace it. FK Irons offers a guarantee on workmanship as well as a 1-year warranty for manufacturer defects.


5. How do I send my tattoo machine in for repairs?

When sending in a machine for warranty work or repair, contact us as well at 1 (613) 834-1113. We will gladly direct you and let you know where it should be sent and what is required of you. 


Our friends at Canada Tattoo Supply are located in Orléans, Ontario and are available to answer your questions. Email Canada Tattoo Supply with any inquiries here!  



How Can I Get My FK Irons Machine in Canada?