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How To Win a FREE FK Irons Tattoo Machine

What’s your favorite FK Irons tattoo machine? Leave a review on our website and subscribe to our YouTube channel and you are entered to win a limited-edition machine. It’s as simple as that. What’s our motivation? Find out!

Thank you, Robert Serrano for writing a review on our site and CONGRATULATIONS for the lucky random drawing win of the Spektra Direkt2 Special Edition in ultraviolet. Enjoy!
Did you miss your chance to win the machine?


You may have received an email recently with our giveaway. We don’t often get a chance to thank our readers, so thank you for subscribing.

With as many people that appreciate the FK Irons constant push for game-changing innovations that revolutionize tattoo artists' work we'd like to hear from you. Here are some ideas to cover:

l How is your machine helping your business, clientele, etc?
l What are your machine's technical or other advantages?
l What are you looking forward to in the future?
l Did you come into the shop or did you buy online?
l Is there anyone at FK Irons you'd like to give a shout out to for their assistance?

Machine reviews on our site give us an in-depth view at what you really appreciate, where we can grow and what you need. 

FK Irons is always looking to fill the gaps and "wow" tattoo artists and your clients. We source quality parts and our engineers create and assemble our machines right here in the U.S.

Take these two steps and you are entered in the drawing for this Spektra Direkt LIMITED EDITION in Ultra Violet

  1. Find your favorite machine on our website and write a review
  2. Subscribe to the FK Irons YouTube channel for the latest in the tattoo world

Winners will be announced on Monday, August 31 at 3pm EST

*Note: responding to this blog post does not qualify you to enter the drawing. Please follow steps 1 & 2!

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  • La experiencia de Fk es sin igual la primera vez que la ocupe fue una emoción máxima a niveles extremos que sentí una conexión con mi máquina y cada vez q la ocupo siento el poder de FK sigo ahorrando para la nueva XION

    — Marlon Duran
  • I love my FK Iron machines. My go machines every time. I have the Xion and Direct2. My next one I need the EdgeX

    — Jeremy Stafford
  • The iron machine seems to hit all the targets necessary for me to take my skills and tell them to next level using your products before they are amazing keep it up

    — Jose a gonzalez
  • Thank you, everyone for your incredible response!

    Anyone who did not leave a review ON A PRODUCT page has not been entered to win.

    The purpose of the giveaway is to incentivize artists to leave a review so that other artists can make an informed decision based on your experience.

    Help other artists by leaving your review on the PRODUCT page.

    We really want to make sure you get a chance for this giveaway.

    Sincerely, the FK Irons Marketing Team.

    — FK Irons Team
  • Done

    — Alexandr