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blog - Stretch Your Dollar: Buying a Tattoo Machine is Now Easier

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Stretch Your Dollar: Buying a Tattoo Machine is Now Easier

For almost all tattoo artists, quality comes first. But we know that anyone can find themselves in circumstances when discounts and alternative payments are much appreciated. “When it rains, it pours,” as they say. FK Irons is glad to offer many opportunities to have your cake and eat it, too: quality and savings on your purchases. We list six ways that you can save on our tattoo machines and devices:


1. NEW: Bundle Generator calculates your discount for big purchases

Artists and engineers at FK Irons continuously strive to offer the most innovative, effective and quality products to artists. We are excited that you look to FK Irons and we take into consideration that you are choosing to invest your livelihood in our brand. We've devised an ingenious way to offer you something in kind when you purchase multiple machines and/or devices at one time:

Our new, interactive bundle configurator is that reward, generating a discount based on whatever specific machine-and-device bundle choices you make. 


Screenshot of FK Iron's Bundle Generator. Artist's can choose their machine, device, cables and power supplies and see what kind of a discount as an incentive and reward for purchasing all at once.


Check out the new Bundle Configurator!

Add machines, devices, remove, change it out, simply reconfigure to your heart’s desire and the system will display your savings at the bottom before you hit “save to bag.”


2. NEW: pay in four, interest-free installments with Klarna

We’ve proudly added a brand-new payment option to the FK Irons website to give artists more flexibility!

This option is available for purchases $35 - $1000. This is how it works:

  1. Choose “Klarna” as your payment option.
  2. Fill out the form that pops up asking for your billing info and credit or debit card number.
  3. If approved, the first charge you will see from Klarna on your card's account will be the first installment: one quarter of your order’s total.
  4. Once the charge goes through, FK Irons will send you a confirmation email that your order has been received and processed.
  5. Klarna will charge your credit card every two weeks, in four installments.



l You must have a debit or credit card to use this particular four-payment service by Klarna. All major cards are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover.

l Klarna does not run a hard credit check for this service and applying will not affect your credit score.

l The approval or denial process is instantaneous.

l This is interest-free. Only your credit card applies the interest if you do not pay off the balance in time.

l FK Irons prepares your order when the first transaction is posted.

3. NEW: zero-interest financing from 6 - 36 months with Klarna

Apply for a line of credit with Klarna and spread out your payment - with zero interest – from six - 36 months.

This option is available for purchases from $150 - $10,000.


l As this is a credit line, Klarna does run a hard credit check.
l The approval or denial process is instantaneous.
l This is interest-free, but if you can incur fees and interest if you miss a payment.
l FK Irons prepares your order when the first transaction is posted.

4. Buy two in the moment

We incentivize purchases in advance on particular products, such as duo LightningBolt battery packs, by discounting $50 when you choose to buy two in one session. Or $50 off when you purchase an extra PowerBolt with your wireless Flux.


5. Follow us on Instagram & sign up for our newsletter

The FK Irons Instagram account is full of tips, images of tattoos by amazing artists as well as notices of our sales, discounts, promo codes and giveaways. 

FK Irons also sends out special tips, giveaways and promo codes directly to your inbox, so even if you’re taking a break from social media, you can still catch a good deal. Fill out the email newsletter subscription form at the top right portion of the blog header.


6. Look out for the BAA Zine

The Body Art Alliance (BAA) Zine is included in every order processed by Painful Pleasures and FK Irons, until they are finished. This brand new print publication aims to keep piercers, body tattoo artists and permanent makeup artists in the loop on industry happenings, new products and introduce you to some of the important figures in the industry.

Bonus: Giveaways, surveys, calls for submissions where any great artist with an amazing image can be featured alongside the world’s best artists in this print mag!

Stretch Your Dollar: Buying a Tattoo Machine is Now Easier