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blog - Win a Limited Edition Golden Flux and Help Children with Cancer

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Win a Limited Edition Golden Flux and Help Children with Cancer

FK Irons presents its first special edition of their revolutionary, new wireless Flux tattoo machine. See the photo of the golden machines below... you'll flip! 

For tattoo artists who love the Xion, we have also created a special edition version for the Hope vs Cancer campaign.

All proceeds from the raffle and sale go to children’s cancer research.

First, we’ll talk shop and go into the machines, but keep reading below to hear the sweet story of how FK Irons got involved with a children’s cancer organization.



Wireless Spektra Flux
You have probably already heard about the revolutionary wireless Spektra Flux™ machine that has set the bar sky-high. Bluetooth enabled with updatable firmware through the free Darklab app, the machine has endless possibilities. Top tattoo artists in the industry, including our Pro Team members already love the machine. Own one of the first special edition versions that comes in a bombshell of a color: gold.

And there’s one poignant detail that will conjure special meaning whenever you see or hold your golden Flux: 

Limited Edition Golden Flux's benefiting cancer childhood research

The special edition, only three-of-a-kind golden Flux’s have been engraved with 01/03, 02/03 and 03/03 handwritten by children battling cancer. They come in a special edition box with the Hope vs Cancer nonprofit logo, which looks like a traditional tattoo!

One of the three children battling cancer who signed the limited edition golden Flux - FK Irons revolutionary wireless machine - note he drew a smiley face!These three special edition Flux’s are not for sale, but enter the raffle and purchase extra raffle entries to increase your chances of winning. This is how it works:

- To support the cause, buy 1 raffle entry for $10
- 5 raffle entries for $40
- 10 raffle entries for $75



Spektra Xion

Limited Edition Xion tattoo machine (only 50) benefitting Hope vs Cancer funding for pediatric cancer research

And for tattoo artists that already know the Spektra Xion, one of the machines that really put FK Irons on the map for its unmatched agility, we have 50 limited edition Xions in the Hope vs Cancer colors. The box comes with a special, Hope vs Cancer sleeve to set it apart. 

The limited edition Xion can be purchased outright for $600, which is a $50 discount from the regular-priced Xion!


The FK Irons Current Pledge to Hope vs Cancer

100% of the proceeds of the raffle ticket donations and of these limited edition Xions will go to fund pediatric cancer research. 

FK Irons has also given you an option of “rounding up” on any of your orders (it’s the equivalent of “keep the change”). Or you could flat out donate $5, $10 or $15 with your order.

Did you know that only 4% of the government's National Cancer Institute’s budget goes to pediatric cancer research? In 2020 their budget was reduced by 14%.

Children’s bodies are in very different stages, have different hormones and metabolize differently than adults. So to answer a common question: simply reducing the dosage of an adult medication does not present the best battle to childhood cancer, and neither is using decades-old chemotherapy drugs … but that’s what’s happening every day.

Have you ever been in a children’s cancer ward and seen them go from feeble and conscious of their pain, to happy, energetic and grateful? It can bring anyone to tears. Just ask Zeke, our Pro Team Ambassador. 


The Short Version of the Founding of Hope vs Cancer (HVC)

When Tyler Stover started hearing stories of children with cancer, like many of us, he felt moved. But their stories replayed in his mind to an extent that he couldn’t let them go. He felt drawn to take action.

Tyler founded Hope vs Cancer and soon began asking tattoo artists if they would donate a design for him to print as temporary tattoos to cheer children up when they felt their weakest.

After they would place the tattoos “The transformation in the kids was amazing,” Tyler says emphatically. Science has shown repeatedly that things that make people happy can positively affect their health.

Pulling children out of their momentary sadness, they light up with smiles, wearing the stick-on tattoos proudly and they like looking at themselves in the mirror. Some children have revealed to Tyler that they no longer feel like people are staring at them because they lost their hair, but because they have “a badass tattoo,” (Tyler’s words).

Originally, the intention was simply to cheer kids up. But when Tyler learned of the dire strait of children’s cancer research, it was obvious there is a huge problem that needs attention.


Enter: FK Irons the Hope vs Cancer Scene

At this point, Tyler had known the owner of FK Irons tattoo manufacturer, Gaston Siciliano, for years. Gaston had even tattooed Tyler when he still had his tattoo shop in South Beach and the two would hang out occasionally.


Gaston had frequently been flying out of the Miami airport for a myriad of tattoo conventions to put his machines in tattoo artists’ hands. At the time Tyler was bartending in the airport and Gaston would make it a point to pass by and, naturally, Tyler told him about his nonprofit and the almost magical effect on the kids.

All it took was a good presentation and Gaston was hooked.

“You know how I am, though. I’m 100% or nothing,” Gaston reminded Tyler.

Tyler Stover, founder of Hope vs Cancer children's NGO and Gastón Siciliano, owner of FK Irons (L-R)

And Gaston kept his word. He has personally gone to the hospitals, but his company, FK Irons, is involved, including employees volunteering, special edition machines and promotions for Hope vs Cancer. FK Irons is full force, and the Miami Heat NBA basketball team, Alex’s Place Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, Orange County Choppers, the Fast & Loud Tax Monkey Garage and countless parents, children, nurses, doctors and hospital staff have all worked closely to support HVC’s simple concept.

One last note to Tattoo Artists:
For something that’s so important for your livelihood, get a machine that you will never regret buying.

Not only for the huge technological advantages and quality, but also because you will be proud to have helped children who are trying to escape their #1 killer by disease. Yes, the biggest disease that takes children away from us … is cancer. 

Win a Limited Edition Golden Flux and Help Children with Cancer