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blog - How to Win $7500 in Tattoo Machines and Products During Black Friday

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How to Win $7500 in Tattoo Machines and Products During Black Friday

CONGRATULATIONS, Hunter Biffle, the tattoo artist that was our winner of our latest and greatest Motherload giveaway. He's won $7500 worth of tattooing products: Flux + PowerBolt, Xion, needles, inks, aftercare.

How to Win $7500 in Tattoo Machines and Products During Black Friday

Winner takes all. A whole army of tattoo supplies and machines have been assembled, leading the way with a pink Flux + PowerBolt battery pack worth $1350! Also included is a Xion in the spectacular cosmic storm design worth $750. Add to that inks, needles, barrier film, cups and aftercare and one lucky artist will feel like it’s an endless Christmas. 

Help us spread the word about our Black Friday specials on your Instagram and you’re entered to win.* Read details below about what we’ve nicknamed “The Motherload” drawing.

Our Black Friday discounts are so big we want the whole tattoo industry to cash in and save - and that’s where you come in! 

*3 steps to enter to win $7500 worth in tattoo products and machines:

1. FOLLOW these accounts on Instagram:

2. REPOST at least 3 of our Black Friday promos and TAG 3 friends

3. Use the hashtag #DarkFriday2020 (that’s how we’ll find you)


In addition to the Flux and Xion, the winner also receives:

  • Hover touchless power supply
  • LightningBolt battery duo pack
  • Edge X tattoo machine
  • Direkt2 tattoo machine
  • Halo 2 tattoo machine


Out of inks? Get a rainbow of colors you’ll love: 

  • Three World Famous three primary pigment sets
  • Three Kuro Sumi pigment sets
  • World Famous Blackout
  • World Famous lining set
  • World Famous pastel set



Peak and Vertix have you covered with plenty of boxes


Any other tattoo supplies?

The giveaway includes
  • sticky strips
  • Hive cups
  • disposable razors
  • tattoo bibs
  • FK Irons swag
  • ergo wrap
  • grips and more!

 Spread the word to your tattoo friends about our biggest sale of the year. Start now at Darklab and FK Irons and you could win the CyberMonday Motherload!
Winner will be announced on CyberMonday.




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For a limited time only we’re doing a monthly drawing for a wireless Flux tattoo machine to increase email subscriptions. In October we raffled a three-of-a-kind limited edition golden Flux signed by children fighting cancer. In August we gave away a Spektra Direkt2 special edition ultraviolet machine to encourage reviews on our website that help tattoo artists find the right products for them.

How to Win $7500 in Tattoo Machines and Products During Black Friday