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blog - Is Globalization Good for the Tattoo Industry?

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Is Globalization Good for the Tattoo Industry?

The world of tattoos has grown exponentially through globalization technology, and the Social Media platforms it has brought with it. Now thanks to these mediums of communications, a young tattoo enthusiast in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina needs to go no further than his mobile to connect with his favorite tattoo artist in Lieksa, Finland through Instagram. Too far for a live appointment? The tattoo artist can drop an illustration on any of the Cloud-based platforms and voila! In minutes the drawing is sent and received, and the young man happily takes the illustration to a local studio for tattooing! FK Iron’s tattoo machines are available world-wide through our official Distributors.  There are other benefits from globalization technology in the tattoo industry, and at FK Irons we’ve come up with our favorite ones.

Throughout the day FK Irons posts photos and videos that we receive from our Pro Team artists while tattooing with our coil and rotary machines, on Instagram. Within minutes we have conversations from our followers weighing in on their favorite tattoo or machine. The Spektra Stealth and the Xion are big favorites and before long we have people sharing their own photos, and we feel they’re right here with us. I bet they do too. Facebook, like Instagram, offers a way to reach across borders to connect with like-minded people. Viewing tattoo photos and images through Pinterest is like going to a fine art museum. Never before has so much information been accessible to every person. In the tattoo world this is a good thing. Globalization has brought groups of people together to form cyberspace communities.

As the tattoo community grows, keeping up with the latest in the industry becomes a necessity. Tattoo Conventions have become a popular way to connect. For manufacturers like FK Irons and artists, these gatherings that take place all over the world promote more development and growth. Technology and globalization will continue to expand in ways we haven’t even thought of yet. This creates new and more needs for the future. A true visionary in its field, FK Irons is going to give the future the tattoo machines it  wants.

Is Globalization Good for the Tattoo Industry?