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blog - Happy Labor Day Weekend Artists!

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Happy Labor Day Weekend Artists!
Happy Labor Day! Here at FK Irons we believe hard work pays off, and our staff strives each day to provide the industry with revolutionary products so you - the artist - can create incredible pieces. All designed and manufactured in the USA, nothing is more patriotic than buying an American made machine this Labor Day weekend. That’s why we’re happy to announce that we’re offering $50 off select machines - all weekend long. We’d also like to highlight some of our hard working FK Irons staff, who strive each day to provide quality products.

Our first employee is Andres Alvarez, FK Irons’ Assembly Manager. For over five years, Alvarez has coordinated and supervised our assembly team. Overseeing manufacturing, and making sure the entire process is being done according to policy and procedures. He is the man that keeps things moving smoothly so your FK Irons product is manufactured - or repaired - correctly.

Happy Labor Day Weekend Artists!

“I've been here for 13-years, and I'm the first employee FK Irons hired, and I love seeing the growth,” he said. “Witnessing the machines become accepted and well-known within the industry is incredible.”

The next employee is sure to be a familiar face  for you hardcore FK Irons fans.
Zeke Cejas has been with us for almost five years now, and he’s our FK Irons’ ProTeam Coordinator. He makes sure our ProTeam artists are happy with their partnership with us, and provides them with the latest products and merchandise, as long as they comply with our guidelines.

Happy Labor Day Weekend Artists!

“The thing I love the most from working at FK is having the privilege to work with our proteam “FK Family,” said Cejas. “I can proudly say that I get to work with the top artists all around the world. I get to represent the best machines in the world everywhere I go. Love getting to meet new people at conventions. Also who wouldn’t like working somewhere where being tattooed is not frowned upon. I can't say enough.”

Our third employee is CJ, one of FK Irons’ incredible Mechanical Engineers. He’s been with FK Irons for over two years, and is one of the many brains that applies engineering principles to each product design. In other words, he is the man that makes sure your favorite FK Irons product is running smoothly so you can focus on your tattoos.


Happy Labor Day Weekend Artists!

“What I love most about being an engineer at FK Irons is that I have a direct input on products that are used around the world by the industry’s most talented professionals and used to create art on extremely high profile clients,” he said. “Recently I was scrolling through Instagram and saw Anthony Davis getting tattooed by an artist using a Flux. Stuff like that gives me immense pride.”

Our final FK Irons employee is one of our Purchasing Agents, Priscilla Constantine. She’s been with the company for over a year and is responsible for purchasing goods and services each department might need. She’s also in charge of making sure organizational policies and procedures are followed. Without her, FK Irons would be unorganized and lost as to what each department needs.

Happy Labor Day Weekend Artists!


Happy Labor Day Weekend Artists!