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Two of FK Irons revolutionary machines just got a new look. Finished in black chrome, and a 24Kt gold plated body, the Obsidian Flux and EXO are sure to boost your collection.

Two powerful machines with a whole new look.

The Flux is the machine that had artists around the world cutting the cord - tattooing with total freedom. The recently released EXO is the modular machine with the same powerful motor as the Flux, but the capabilities to be a traditional or wireless machine. 

The Obsidian Flux is priced at $1350, and the Obsidian EXO is set to be priced at $1425. The EXO comes with two PowerBolt batteries, and the Flux comes with one, and both are available in a 4.0 mm stroke.

Add one - or maybe both - of these special edition machines to your collection while they're still in stock. You can’t sleep on FK Irons special edition releases, you’ll regret it.

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