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Portrait tattoos - just like any other kind - people either love them or hate them.

Why People Request Portrait Tattoos

The reasons vary just as much as the tattoos themselves. Some folks think having someone’s portrait on your body gives off a negative vibe. The explanation is that by having someone’s face tattooed on their body would somehow influence the tattoo bearer’s emotion’s and overall attitude. There are others who get them to commemorate a loved one who has passed on. And others still who enjoy a TV show or movie so much, they want to have characters from those shows tattooed on them.

Keep in Mind the Artist's Specialization

Not every tattoo artist is an expert in portraits. Always check your tattoo artist's portfolio before you decide to have them tattoo you. You don't want to have a permanent mistake drawn on your body now, do you?  

Drawing portraits alone is a difficult thing to do, so imagine having to draw every little nuance that goes into a tattoo and then make sure that the coloring, shading and overall design come out flawless.