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Black, arguably the most popular of all colors, is the newest addition to the Spektra Xion collection. The Stealth Xion is making its big entrance!

It’s no secret that FK Irons looks to the stars for product inspiration, as with the Halo 2, Galaxie III, and the deep space coloring of the Cosmic Storm, the Stealth Xion is no exception.  In Astronomy, a Black Hole has such a strong gravitational pull that nothing escapes it, just like the inescapable allure of the Stealth Xion. Whether speaking of celestial bodies or more terrestrial ones, black is endowed with magnanimous descriptions. In the earthly realms of tattoos, we all know it’s a big deal.

The slick, new Stealth Xion has all the characteristics and craftmanship of the regular Xion, except its casing is polished in a pure, glossy, deep black – homage to the original ink pigment, and an answer to requests received from tattoo artists around the world. The Stealth Xion is a personal statement of style, something all professional artists strive for and which FK Irons is proud to be a part.

FK Irons, has created the ultimate pen-style machine with the introduction of the Spektra Xion, designed with all the needs of a professional tattoo artist in mind – comfort, precision, and maximum control. Here’s to you, edgy artist. We salute your style and grace with the most intriguing color for one of our most prized creations: The Spektra Stealth Xion.

All you need to do to hold the pure, Spektra Stealth Xion in your hands is by getting it right here.

Welcome to the future, where Stealth is the new Black!