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FK Irons strives to develop products to revolutionize and innovate the tattoo industry. That’s why we engineered a powerful battery that’s not only sleek, but can be universally connected to any RCA machine on the current market. It’s the one battery to power them all.

That’s right - the LightningBolt Uni has finally arrived and it's ready to give power for all. 

This revolutionary power supply can be connected to any RCA machine - as long as the RCA jack isn’t blocked, and it exceeds standard safety regulations. Its compact design is great for easy travel, and it keeps in mind the machine’s Ergonomic Balance Point. Weighing at only 2 oz, the LightningBolt Uni may be small, but can still power your machines for up to 10 hours - depending on voltage. That’s power. It also has Bluetooth capabilities and can be paired with the Darklab app for ultimate wireless control. The LightningBolt Uni was designed to be the only power supply artists need and provide power for all.

For more information - or to pick up your own - check out the FK Irons website.