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blog - How to Go Wireless at Your Tattoo Shop

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How to Go Wireless at Your Tattoo Shop

Work lighter, cleaner and more efficiently by going 100% wireless.
How to Go Wireless at Your Tattoo Shop

Tattoo artists, Fede Gas tattooing using the Spektra Flux wireless machine


One major innovation can revolutionize an industry and make it soar. At FK Irons we’ve heard enough tattoo artists call the wireless Spektra Flux™ a “game-changer” for them – and just wait until we release our newest app developments!

An app-controlled wireless tattoo machine offers infinite possibilities. Imagine a practically limitless machine: a tweak here and there in an app and you upgrade your machine. As hinted, there are many more features being developed that will not only help you as an artist, but your business as well. If your entire shop goes wireless, everyone is just one little step closer to peace of mind on cross-contamination and you can also share the benefits of mobile applications towards a more efficient business. And of course, there is the fundamental piece: the art.

Most tattooers that have experienced the freedom of a wireless machine won’t go back to cables. They exclaim that they didn’t realize how limited they were by the cable. Cutting the cord frees them:

l to get as creative as they want without the pull, weight and discomfort of a cable
l to move around the table for better angles
l from getting tangled up
l from the very likelihood of knocking something over with their cables
l not to mention it also reduces the possibility of cross-contamination


How can your entire tattoo shop go state-of-the-art wireless today?

We offer two suggestions for your shop to go wireless. 

  1. The simplest way to go wireless is to get FK Iron’s newest invention, the Spektra Flux™ tattoo machine in the hands of all your tattoo artists


The Flux has been tested by top tattoo artists and is currently being used in shops by Pro Team members all over the world. Hear what they have to say about the machine.



Some artists state outright that they were skeptical that any battery pack could ever keep up with tattooing, but they have all been impressed with the PowerBolt's consistency and long battery life! Up to 12 hours.

Check out the Flux specs now


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  1. Get the LightningBolt™ battery attachment - it fits many machines

FK Irons power bank, the LightningBolt, is in such high demand there is never one just sitting around in the warehouse waiting to be adopted. As soon as we make one it’s shipped out and has a home.

The LightningBolt battery pack shown in the center is adaptable to all of the Spektra tattoo machines

The shape of the LightningBolt casing is designed to fit onto any of the FK Iron machines that has an RCA plug, such as the Spektra Direkt™, Halo™ and Edge™. With the price of only $249 (retail price for one) you’ve just taken your tattoo machine to the next level. You can purchase two for the price of $399, for a savings of $100. This is probably the least expensive way for your entire shop to go wireless.

 Tattoo artist, Grego of Gregos Tattoos in Miami adapting his machine to go wireless using the LightningBolt power battery





  1. Get the touchless Hover® power supply

Yes, you can now control the voltage of your machine with hand gestures with the Hover power supply. We’ve made this with the idea of reducing cross-contamination - and in today’s world your clients will appreciate it. No more fiddling with buttons with a gloved hand on your power supply to get it to increase or decrease your voltage. The Hover offers an unusually wide range of 2 V to 17 V.

The hand gesture-controlled Hover power supply helps reduce cross-contamination

l Touchless voltage control, use hand gestures
l Strong magnetic base attaches super securely to anything metallic
l 9 programmable pre-sets
l Pair with DarkLab app for newest features and limitless control
l Footswitch compatible

With everyone in your tattoo shop working wirelessly, you can truly transform the possibilities of your shop.

From the confidence of working cleaner, with lower cross-contamination as well as the advancements that are unlocked as a consequence of using programming and technology to enhance the machines and business in ways that were difficult until now, your shop enters into a different tier altogether.


Have you gone wireless? Comment below.


Join the wireless revolution. There's no turning back.

How to Go Wireless at Your Tattoo Shop