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blog - FK Irons Most Popular Tattoo Machines, Devices & More

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FK Irons Most Popular Tattoo Machines, Devices & More

What’s hot in tattooing equipment in 2020 and why? Check out FK Irons top machines, devices and REVIEWS from other tattoo artists!
FK Irons Most Popular Tattoo Machines, Devices & More

Your tattoo equipment is what you as an artist rely on for your business and art, and with FK Irons you’ve found a go-to company for innovative, quality machines and devices. Are you in the market to buy?

Reviews from other tattoo artists are invaluable and can help guide your decisions on machines that will help you grow. 

We’ll name some of the top-selling, devices and tools that artists have bought individually and highlight their remarks so you can get an idea if the products will fit your working style.

And, logically, get your devices quicker by buying what’s in stock! This is an important factor to keep in mind during global COVID-19 slowdowns.

When applicable, we will highlight a variation in the machine or device that is currently in stock.


#1 Go wireless with FK Irons' LightningBolt battery pack

Our top seller by far has been the LightningBolt Battery Pack, released this year. They never sit on a shelf. The LightningBolt plugs into the RCA plug of a machine and fits many machines comfortably… instantly turning a cabled machine into a wireless machine!

That’s right, the huge popularity of the battery pack is that it is relatively lightweight and fits most machines with an RCA plug. Amazingly, it charges fully in 1.5 hours and has a battery life from 3-10 hours, depending on usage.

FK Irons Most Popular Tattoo Machines, Devices & More

Many artists buy the two-pack to save $100 whether it’s for themselves or to split the cost with a colleague.

With the success of the LightningBolt, we made sure we're fully stocked, so purchase away!


#2 Spektra Flux™ wireless machine

It’s no surprise. Cordless technology was simply the next step in tattooing that was necessary to revolutionize the industry and liberate artists. One of the first on the market with a wireless machine, FK Iron’s Flux has been a major hit with anyone who’s used it. Out on the market now, this is another device that never sits on a shelf. When one is hand-assembled in our factory in Miami, it is quality control inspected and shipped out immediately.

More important and exciting than simply being cordless is that the is Flux is Bluetooth enabled, which connects to our Darklab mobile app.


FK Irons Most Popular Tattoo Machines, Devices & More


See several video reviews of the Flux and learn more about
getting your whole shop ready to go wireless.


The Darklab app is being tested by some of our Pro Team members and will be available for download very soon. One of the main features is voltage control by voice commands or on your mobile screen, but we have many more exciting features in the works.


#3 Spektra Xion™ in Stealth (black)

The Xion gave tattoo artists immense control over their machine and art with our multiple cam and give options. Subtleties and color layering is where the Xion shines, since the machine is gentler on the skin, yet powerful enough to deliver. It’s been one of the formidable machines on the market for years.

Tattoo artist and YouTube blogger, Anjris Straume, says in his Xion  review  video that being able to change the needle depth with a simple twist mechanism designed by FK Irons “..really helps me with doing what I do. And it takes only a few seconds.”

Adjust the give with a simple twist!

“I’m sure this is the first pen machine with this option, where you can actually adjust the give and I’m really excited to use this feature…Even with a setup of a hard-hitting machine, I’m still able to really, really soft shades and nice, smooth blendings, as well.”

“The machine is hitting hard [when on a hard setting] and it’s almost silent,” notes Anjiris.

The Xion is also kind on the “canvas.”

Tattoo lovers appreciate the faster healing and the color effects that the Xion is able to accomplish.

“I found that the skin wasn’t really swelling a lot, and wasn’t really turning red, so it gave me extra time to work a little bit more on the details and texture,” says Anrirjs.

Another tattoo artist, Michela Bottin in New York City’s Soho Ink tattoo shop says in her YouTube review:

“The FK Irons machine impacted my work a lot. A few years ago when I met Gastón I was really stuck. Because of the machine I was using I was limited with the things I could do on the skin… but then [after using FK Irons’ machines] I could layer the colors and colors without hurting the skin! The skin was getting less red, so I felt like: I can experiment, I can try without hurting everyone!”

Ask any artist and they’ll mention the pros of the ever-popular Spektra Xion:

  • Nearly zero vibration and silent
  • Weight is centered, so you don’t feel like the machine is pulling in any direction
  • Ability to change cams (extra one is included!)
  • Give is easy to change with a twist and a click
  • Light on the skin, but effective. Great for colors as well as black and gray.

The most popular Xion color is the Stealth, but the Ruby, Golden Dragon, Seafoam, BubbleGum and Kryptonite are top-selling colors.

Check back with us, since we are working on a bundle. Note that previews are one benefit of reading our blog and signing up to our email newsletter! 

UPDATED October 20, 2020
As promised, here is a link to our limited edition bundles, mixing and matching a machine with wireless capabilities. This is the first time that FK Irons and Darklab have bundled any items at a discount. Save up to $115.

 FK Irons Most Popular Tattoo Machines, Devices & More

The Xion Nebula is simply spectacular. Anyone with a geeky side that loves outer space will get that connection with the universe and science. Red cosmic fire at the plug end, the rest of the machine is in a space-y royal blue and purple, flecked with stars. Just a gorgeous design to start with, it’s easy to fall in love and, again, it’s in stock!

Considering that Kryptonite is one of our most popular colors, this bright green is a more striking version of the Kryptonite and is currently in stock.


Big hands? Most of our Gorilla Grip Xions are in stock!

For any of you with big hands who need a bigger grip on your machine when working, check out the Xions in Gorilla grips. The machine grips are bigger just for you! Because these are a little more customized, these also tend to be in stock more often.

One of the faves in Gorilla Grip is the Urban Camo version of the Xion, in different shades of gray.


#4 Hover™ Power Supply 

Hover touchless, Bluetooth-enabled power supply for tattoo mahines

Unless you are wireless and have something like a LightningBolt or a Flux, the power supply is always something to think about and the Hover is exceptional for many reasons:

    • Bluetooth enabled: pair with the Darklab app and you’ll be able to take advantage of the many of the business-growing, art-freeing features that we’ve been developing
    • Hands-free, cross-contamination-reducing: praise the voltage without even touching the device! Wave your hand over the touchless sensor on the left side of the Hover to lower your voltage, or on the right side to increase the voltage.

    • Quality: strong, stable magnet and quality parts (made in the USA)



FK Irons Most Popular Tattoo Machines, Devices & More

#5 Direkt2™

This is a great crossover for the more traditional tattoo artist who likes a powerful machine.


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Due to COVID-19 slowdowns, it’s a good idea to insure everything of high value.

Are any of these on your wishlist?
Do you have your dream setup already?




FK Irons Most Popular Tattoo Machines, Devices & More