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The Hope vs Cancer Foundation began as an Arts & Crafts project in the Fall of 2017 in an attempt to make a few kids smile and lift their spirits during cancer treatment. The response was immediate and emotionally overwhelming, watching children forget their condition and be kids – smiling, laughing, and absorbed in the artistic side of tattooing.

Tyler Stover, the founder of Hope vs Cancer Foundation saw the potential to reach more children. Working relentlessly, he created a strong social media presence and reached out to the big-hearted tattoo community to join the movement. True to form the Tattoo world responded and traditional tattoo artwork poured in from all over the world as artists joined in the fight with donations of funds and their time, visiting hospitals. By Christmas 2017 Tyler launched a GoFundMe campaign that raised nearly $10,000 in 3 days!

As the New Year chimed in, the Hope vs Cancer Foundation focused on administrative documentation and obtaining working relationships with manufacturers and suppliers. A tattoo artist himself, Tyler had a long-standing friendship with Gaston Siciliano, owner of Microbeau and FK Irons. When the two got together, the Hope vs Cancer Foundation became the official charity of both companies. Why? Because research of Youth Cancer is the area of cancer research that receives the least federal funding, with only 4% of actual dollar amount received.

Hope vs Cancer is committed to changing the future in a positive way, by giving the future, all the children who can make a difference. We support this worthy endeavor and invite you to join us this month of October which is cancer awareness month and participate by purchasing any FK Irons’ tattoo machines in PINK and receiving $50 Off, PINK grips and footswitches at $25 Off, RCA cables for $15, and PINK women’s t-shirt or men’s PINK border logo t-shirt for $15. FK Irons will match the purchase and donate $50, $25, or $15 to Hope vs Cancer.

If you live in South Florida, don’t miss the Channel 7 special “Symbols of Strength” - about how Hope vs Cancer Foundation has lighten the lives of so many. We’re all in this together! Let’s help Youth Cancer research!